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The Midbrain Activation Training Program is a new concept of mental self-improvement. It gives children the opportunity to build up different abilities in terms of enhanced memory, creativity, planning, imagination, concentration and perceptiveness in order to reach a more self-enhanced learning ability and also, to help children with their self- confidence and to cultivate good character. Children can improve learning efficiency and maximize brain function, thereby improving attention, memory, thinking and creativity, and be able to develop the enormous potential of the right brain functions (Right brain 's memory is roughly equivalent to four hundred million books , but we only use 3% -5% of this side’s brain functions/capacity) .


1.Why is it important to train the brain?

30 years ago, people didn't work out in the gym. Now, it seems everyone has a membership to a gym and works out twice a week or more. People have realized that having a good health is an important thing for their life.

But when you have strong muscles, are these muscles under your control? Can you control your fingers as well? Take a simple test: hold your hand together crossing your ten fingers with each other, and then raise each individual finger following the order: left thumb, right thumb, left index finger, right index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and pinkies. Most people cannot believe the level of difficulties they face when trying to do, what seems to be, such a simple task.

Modern medicine indicates: Life is brain exercise! This statement makes sense. In fact, our brains are the same with the body's muscles in that we need to exercise our brains. Brain exercise is a new next revolution. The brain, just like the body, needs to be kept in great shape to perform at its optimal level and boost your brain power. Your brain is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it will get. So training our brains throughout our lives to be able to enhance its performance is very important.


2.What is the evolution of the brain?

Early human beings used a lot of right-brain functions. They had a strong sense of telepathy and sensory perceptions. They were able to predict earthquakes, weather changes and natural disasters. They could even distinguish between toxic and non toxic foods. Intuition, memory and the high use of right brain functions made it possible to survive in a world with no Internet or electronics.

Today’s humans make use of the left-brain. Traditional education teaches us math and science, and to be very logical. Because of this kind of education and training for our brains, our natural five senses tend to decline in strength , and over time the strength of these senses are almost disappear.


3.How does the brain controls our body?

The brain is the commander of every decision the body makes. It controls what we do, think, feel, see, and smell, even in our dreams. The brain is divided up into multiple sections to decide how the body will react to the given situation.The left and right hemispheres of the brain is connected by an intricate network of nerve fibres called the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is the communicator that sends information between both hemispheres.

It was the ancient Egyptians who first noticed that the left brain tends to control the right side of the body and the right brain tends to control the left side of the body. Although each hemisphere is almost identical in terms of structure, each hemisphere operates in an entirely different way and are associated with very different activities. This is known as specialization or lateralization. This is how our body movement, visuals, hearing, and smell is processed into our brains.


4.What is the function of the Midbrain, and its location?

Midbrain is located between the left and right brains, (alike the bridge for dual-brains) between the two eyebrows on to the rear along crossing the binaural connection intersection. It has two sections: tectum (sensory component) and tegmentum (motor structure). Activating the Midbrain is the wide bridge that will help deliver the information between left and right brain back and forth. 


5.What is the relationship between Midbrain and right/left brain?

Left brain is like a personal computer and right brain is like the internet database. The Midbrain is like a network cable of personal computer. A non-activated Midbrain is same as dial-up internet modem. Its limited speed cause failure when you need to upload and download information.

An active Midbrain is a bridge and connection between the brains is the same as the speed of broadband Internet,  it can be very quick to find information from the Internet, and quickly download it. Therefore, if the child has an activate Midbrain during childhood, they can learn more quickly and effectively to absorb knowledge.


6.The functions and benefits of left and right brains

The human brain distinguishes left brain and right brain. The main function of the left brain are detail information, logic, language, rationality, science / mathematics, control of knowledge, judgment, thinking logic and obvious sense, those related to IQ. The main function of the whole brain are intuitive, creative, sensual, art / music, etc. controls the autonomic nervous system and the universe wave resonance (quantum mechanics / super string theory), etc. and subconscious, those are related to EQ.


7.What is the best time for Midbrain activation and brain training?

The best time for the brain  to be trained is between 4-13 years old ,and thereafter13-18 years. Children before the age of 3 years old has number of neurons double than adult brain, but these links are complex. he connections between brain cells are called neurons. The brain will do an automatic scan around 3years old, if the functions are used, they will be preserved. However, no use of neurons will be cut off and lost link. After training, it still has a chance to regenerate. However, in adolescence, which is around 13 years old, our brain will do another scan to determine if the scan result is not used neurons, that will be cut off. After this timing, it is difficult to recover. So its important to train the brain the golden period, before the age of 13.


8.Why are more children being diagnosed with ADHD?

Now there are too many visible and invisible pollution, optoelectronics, noise those we have been deeply affected our lives, particularly those affecting our children. We look back up 30 years ago , how many home electrical equipments and wireless network radiation ? Now electronics , mobile phones, wireless networks, clock , and even photo frames are electronic, those are electronic devices with electromagnetic waves to affect our brain and body organs.

Junk food now flooding the market, it has on children's health and development very bad effect . Many children like to play electric and computer games; these are high brightness vivid colors and great stimulus to the eye. When children are back to studying, they can't focus because of the lack of bright colors and sound that attracts them, so they lose their attention. Due to this, parents see their children with symptoms of ADHD and even later their child is diagnosed with full blown ADHD. So many parents have the most troublesome problem: how to improve the child's ability to concentrate and memory comprehension.

Common problem is the child is doing homework but still looking around, playing, or even sitting there staring blankly while we do not know what they are thinking about. It is obvious that the child could not understand and grasp the knowledge from the class lessons so what they learn is quickly forgotten. Parents send their children to participate after-school programs however this only is to help the child finish the task at hand rather than help them understand. 


9.How MidBrain training could improve children with ADHD and attention problems

Our brain has about 100 billion cells , if we do brain activity, our brain cells will form a link called neurons. Any sound, scene , physical activity , as long as the new ( first time ) , will build a new network connection between certain neurons in the brain. Second occurrence of the same stimulus could make the first established network to active again, which means the new network only is generated a new stimulus. An old network, will be particularly sensitive to the same stimulus , each will start much faster and more powerful than the previous , After all the times , the network will become a habit or instinct deeply into it. This is the reason of learning and memory . So it is not only can improve the movement and concentration and memory for children's brain, but also allow our thinking more active and agile.

Brain training can also improve the body's motor coordination , such as playing basketball, tennis,  football, dancing, especially ballet, body coordination and balance training also can be improved through the brain . We even learn musical instruments, coordination will also affect our interpretation of the song . The most typical one sport - golf, golf want to improve athletic performance , which our brain control concentration, coordination requirements are extremely high .

In 1949, Walter Rudolf Hess, Ph.D. (Walter Rudolf Hess) as found in the Midbrain is the body of the gland coordination and control center won the Nobel Prize in Medicine . The coordination and control of the central gland can control and activate dopamine (Dopaminergic) secretion. Dopamine is a function of the control of human emotions and hormones, dopamine deficiency or imbalance will cause loss of the ability to control the muscles , or cause an inability to concentrate . Loss of ability to control the muscles in the hands and feet can cause serious involuntary trembling , and even suffering from Parkinson's disease. So between the brain, through training, allows them to automatically adjust the secretion of dopamine, in order to achieve improved concentration . After German scientists study shows that hippocampal long-term memory formation and brain are closely inter- linked .

So through our specially designed exercise, we can inspire between the brain  to have a balanced secretion of dopamine,  hyperactivity and attention to achieve a radical improvement .


10.My child already does well in learning, so does he or she still need to do Midbrain activation training?

Outside the human is the mentality that the one should always strive for better. If we consider our own child has good attention, and memory, that becomes a bias and one sighted statement. Maybe an outstanding child student is the best in his or her school, but when they are admitted to top university after graduating from high school, do you think your child is still the best in all top children, does he/she has a competitive advantage ?

The brain’s power is very important in this competition. Because each child's brain power and intensity of brain waves are different, even twins; whether it is with the same family background. Through the Midbrain activation training, each child will be built and enhanced own brain power on their basis , such as concentration, memory and creativity, motor coordination , musical and artistic ability .

There is also a saying that our life is constantly learning. There is a movie called "Rain Man ," starring Tom Hanks , this is a true story adaptation . Movie masters prototype called Jim Peak, who has a strong memory. He could remember about 12,000 books, and remember so many books by every word. He could read very fast  while his two eyes were watching two different pages.

In addition, U.S. scientists have been participating in the Olympic competitions athletes subconscious brain training. After a period of training, these athletes under test than did the average sports performance training for athletes by the brain increased by 15%. It is important for a child to continual train their brain throughout their lives.


11.How long does my children need to be trained?

Training time is depend on each child's conditions. Because each child's age, ability to focus and memory are different, so the same training time to achieve the effect will be different and plus how much time they practice every day and parents' cooperation. Generally, the completion of two days of activation for initial course, need to adhere to at least once a week (no less than two hours per week) of professional training. For children dignosed with ADHD, they need twice a week (no less than 4 hours per week) of professional training. In addition, they will need more than 15 minutes a day to maintain basic family practice, so for three consecutive months, the general will have a very significant change.

If you want your child to never forget, stay creativity, improve self-learning ability, improve mental and physical ability to significantly increase child’s focus, your child will need a longer training time. Our professional trainers will design a lesson plan, depending on your child's condition; tailoring to your child a unique professional training time and planning.


12.What courses include in our training?

At Midbrain Educational Center, we have developed a scientific method to help your children maximize their brain potential. Our latest brain training methods include: Imagination Training, Photographic Memory Training, Concentration Training, Breathing Techniques, Brain Fitness, Visual Exercises, Finger Exercises, and Brainwave Enhancement. After completing a full cycle of training, students will learn how to more efficiently use their brains to achieve their full learning potential.


13.What is Midbrain Activation Benefit?

The Midbrain is the bridge between the left and right brain. Activation MidBrain is like wide bridge to connect the information of both brains rapidly.

For Example, when we use super computers to do research, the narrow bandwidth (non-Active Midbrain) will slow down and lose connection between your computer (left brain) and internet database (right brain). How could you be doing well?

Active Midbrain could help your child connect the left brain and right brain messages easily. This amazing power aid in the pursuit of academic excellence, it is the power that will make your child "Standout from the Crowd".


  • Improves Concentration
  • Improves Memory
  • Improves Creativity
  • Improves Perceptivity
  • Improves Talents
  • Balance Hormone
  • Rebuilt Character
  • Emotional Stability