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School Program

          We will have a MidBrain training course at Longden Elementary School. The course includes Body Coordinated Movement, photographic memory, Visual Training, and Finger Coordination Training. Through the training, your child will improve on his or her level of concentration, attention, and increase memory retention.


Location: 9501 Wendon St., Temple City, CA 91780 (Map Location)


Time: Every Thursday ( 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm) between March 20th and May 29th,. (10 sections total 20 hours)

Registration and materials fee: $20. Tuition: $150. Seats are limited. Please send the registration form to reserve a seat. Make check payable to MidBrain. You can drop off the Registration Form at Longden School Office or Fax directly to us: 1-855-858-6811,

E-mail: info@midbrain.com