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The MidBrain Training Center Franchise-Application and Approval Procedures

When you apply for your first MidBrain Training Center franchise, you must complete our Prospective Franchisee Application. We will conduct a background check after you complete the Application. If our review of your Application is positive, we will further evaluate you through a personal interview at our offices (or other suitable locations) and may administer proficiency test: Speech test.

If we administer proficiency tests, you must demonstrate adequate proficiency (as determined by us in our sole discretion) in speech to be considered for the next step of the qualification process If you do not demonstrate adequate proficiency in either speech or management you cannot proceed with the application process for at least six months from the date of the re-test. After six months, you may start the application process again from the beginning. 

In addition to the qualification procedures stated above, we will scrutinize other factors that we deem appropriate, such as communication skills, business acumen, and ability to work with MidBrain  staff and children. If our review is positive, we will admit you to our Instructor Development Program.  Our General Managers in each region have the final decision to admit a prospective franchisee into the Instructor Development Program. Our General Managers in each region decide whether or not to grant a franchise either prior to or following the completion of the Instructor Development Program. 

To be admitted to the Instructor Development Program and considered for your first franchise, you must sign a Training Agreement in the form shown in Attachment 1 to this disclosure document.  Signing the Training Agreement does not obligate you to purchase a franchise, nor does it obligate us to grant you one. If you are invited to our Instructor Development Program, you must have your fingerprints taken on Form FD­258, the fingerprinting card used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), to conduct a criminal background check.  If we have not received the FBI background check in a timely manner this may affect your ability to attend the Instructor Development Program. An FBI criminal background check is also required to renew your franchise agreement, to open a second Center or to take over the operation of an existing Center.

The Instructor Development Program consists of three. The Program includes training in an existing MidBrain Training Center, on-line training, marketing training. Our Instructor Development Program requires 80 hours training and experience working with our instructor. If you successfully complete the Instructor Development Program and we grant you a franchise, you must pass Instructor Development test. We may, in our discretion, award you a franchise at the completion of the test of the Instructor Development Program.  If you are purchasing an existing Center, however, you will not be eligible to be awarded a franchise prior to your completion of the Instructor Development Program. The Training Agreement governs our Instructor Development Program that occurs prior to the grant of a franchise.