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Benefits of Brain Exercise


          Brain exercise is a training program designed to promote an increased learning ability. It is based on the idea that learning is connected to movement. Brain exercise, creates new pathways in the brain and helps overcome difficult learning.


          Brain exercise is designed to help people of all ages master the mechanics of learning through a series of movements. It is associated with active learning and uses the body through which the people’s learning ability can be enhanced. It is also developed to increase relaxation and improve circulation and helps avoid stress.


1.    Easy to take 5 minutes to do. Specific sequences can be done in less than 10                  minutes, even while walking.

2.    No Equipment is necessary.

3.    An effective non-verbal activity.

4.    Useful and practical with diverse multi-cultural groups.

5.    Suitable for those with physical disabilities.

6.    Useful and fun for people of all ages.

7.    Improves listening, reading skills, concentration, and memory, resulting in higher              academic achievement levels.

8.    Improves blood flow & balance and a healthier physiology for all people.