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2) Midbrain Activation Training Course (Weekend)

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Our Course

This training course is Midbrain activation program. Through our design course, it could recover and reactive midbrain power. The midbrain is the bridge between the left and right brain. Activation midbrain is like wide bridge to connect the information of both brains rapidly.

For Example, when we use super computer to do research, the narrow bandwidth (non-active midbrain) will slow down and lose connection between your computer (left brain )and internet database (right brain). How could you be doing well?

 Active midbrain could help your child connect the left brain and right brain messages easily, We are happy to help you reactivate your child's hidden potential to open the "Genius door".

Eight Improvements of activation midbrain: 

Improves Concentration Improves Talents
Improves Memory Balance Hormone
Improves Creativity Rebuilt Character
Improves Perceptivity Emotional Stability