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      "30 years ago people barely went to the gym. Nowadays it seems like everyone has a membership and works out at least twice a week. As more and more people began to realize the importance of their physical well being, the more they started to try and take care of their bodies.

         As such Brain training is the next step towards caring for and improving our bodies. Think about it, if our muscles require training to become stronger and stay healthy why wouldn't our brains? Just like our muscles, the more we train our brains, the smarter we become."


Who should attended this class?


      "No matter what your age, exercising the brain helps improve many cognitive abilities. These brain exercise techniques where developed by Paul Dennison, Ph.D. and could help children better absorb and understand information, increasing their learning potential while promoting articulate expression.

       In addition these brain training exercises can also be applied to improve the brains of those with learning disabilities and the elderly suffering from dementia. Also these brain exercises incorporate body movement coordination to stimulate different parts of the brain, enhancing the level of dual-brain functions improving learning ability and performance."