El Monte Training Center open every Sunday


            In order for your child to be able to achieve the best results in Midbrain Training, we are open every Sunday, at the El Monte training center.

            We have many testimonies that show that Midbrain training for young children has brought great results. In 2012, a 4 and half-year-old student from Taiwan attended over 100 hours in the first three months of training. She practiced 20 minutes every day of the lessons at Midbrain training. Now, she is one of the best students at a Taiwan bilingual school. Last year, she skipped kindergarten up to first grade. She continues to still be one of the best students at her school.

          We hope that parents understand how important Midbrain training is for their child. Children under three years old experience rapid brain growth. Through brain training, we can help children’s brains develop critical neuronal pathways.

          The brain’s memory is based on neuron connections with other neurons. Therefore, the more active the neuron pathways in the brain, the stronger the cognitive connections. Children's reaction times becomes faster, which benefits learning ability, better memory, and enhances physical coordination.

            In short, brain training is a foundation of learning as necessary as water and soil to the fertile land. No matter what kind of learning that you want for your child– sports, music, arts, science, math, or education in general– brain training will help your child achieve more, like a rich harvest.

            We strongly recommend all parents to encourage his or her child to continue to practice every day. You will see the great changes and achievements of your child in the near future.