Testimony From Our Parents



"My daughters, 9 and 7 years old, started taking MidBrain's weekend training in the summer of 2013. I learned about the power of midbrain, through a formal mediation training. When I found Midbrain's program for kids through the internet, I decided to give it a try to help enhance my daughters' ability to learn, comprehend, and remember.

At the end of the first weekend of training, about 13 hours, I did not see a significant change but my girls' responses were that they really enjoyed it. After consistently doing follow up exercises at home for 10 minutes each day, I noticed that their memories started to improve. Particularly, they are able to memorize new songs learned in their piano class in half the time it used to take them. The amount of time needed to do homework is also at least 25% shorter with increased focus since then.


Christina L, Irvine. CA